The result of a weekend-long game jam, Sixteen is a puzzle game where you match blocks of the same value until you get to 16!

Once blocks are combined they increase in value!

If you get to 16, the block is removed and a bonus is added to your score!

If you combine 2 bombs, the destroyed blocks will be immediately added to your score!


Use the mouse to click and drag blocks into other blocks of the same value.


Art and UI Design: Tyler Mayberry

Code: Lucas Rumney and Hardy Whitney

External Asset Credits

Font: Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold Regular

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For questions regarding installation, or bugs please contact us at:

Questions or Comments regarding code are also always welcome!

Our Web Presence

TIGsource Lucas:;u=47783

Heavily inspired by Twenty, a game that can be found here:

StatusIn development
Release date Jan 24, 2016
AuthorJet Drift Collective
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Fast-Paced, matching, Mouse only, Relaxing, Singleplayer, Unity
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes


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I like this recreation of Twenty.. c: Nice job!

(..I kinda experienced a glitch where the blocks would get stuck inside each other, but it wasn't too awful.. >w<)

Thanks Notester! I'm glad you liked it. We actually released v1.1 with the intention of fixing that, but there are still cases where it happens. It's a bit difficult to catch and understand >.<

You also have the distinguished title of 'first comment ever' on any of our pages!

Heh, I'm glad it's getting better and better.. ^^Love the new bomb powerup, by the way.. And it's an honor to be first.. I guess..

(Uhh, weird question.. How'd you get the game to work on Chrome? I thought I heard something about Unity not working on Chrome.. The game worked fine for me though.. :/)

You are completely correct. "Unity Web Player" no longer works in Chrome because they don't consider NPAPI safe. Unity, in response has been working hard to provide a WebGL/HTML5 version of the webplayer. They are working hard to eliminate bugs and performance issues.

Hope this helps! :)

Yep, that sounds helpful.. So you just made the game in Unity and ported it to something else that could run smoothly in the Chrome browser?

Just made sure when I installed Unity I included their "WebGL" Build option. Just built straight from Unity! :)