A downloadable game for Windows


This is a text-based Unity Engine game with basic RPG elements and a basic item system. This game is fairly short, but multiple playthroughs may be needed to figure out the ideal path.


The Main Menu is mouse based.

The remainder of the game is controlled via text entry.

You may exit the game at any time by pressing Escape.

The parser will not recognize compound commands or verb-object commands such as "equip weapon"

At (almost) all times you have access to the following commands:

  • inventory : lists current inventory
  • equipment || equipped : lists current equipped items
  • equip : enters equip menu (enter item name after executing equip command)
  • continue : ignores current interaction and continues along path
  • story || look : Displays current story text

Other contextual commands will be displayed on screen with the story text.

Example: ">loot"

Note: You should not enter the > before your command.

Example: "loot" is what you should enter as your command

During Battles you can Attack or Defend

Attacking will just trade attacks between the enemy and yourself.

Defending will block damage and grant an attack Bonus to your next few attacks.

Hint: Having an object that emits light equipped will affect available contextual commands or story events.

GitHub Project for this game can be found here: https://github.com/lucasrumney94/VolatileVisions

Contact us at jetdriftstudio@gmail.com

Feedback is welcome!

Install instructions

Download your preferred compressed file

Extract the file and run "VolatileVisions.exe"


VolatileVisions.7z 6 MB
VolatileVisions.zip 10 MB