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Throw is a small Virtual Reality game with three very simple scenes that all involve throwing objects in some way. Each scene is a small, encapsulated experience. 

Scene 1: Office Toss it

This first scene puts you in the middle of an office cubicle, and allows you to throw  common desktop items into the trash. Once the task at hand is completed, the user is now a certified AGILE MASTER™ © ® ℗ ℠ ⸮

Scene 2: Light Room

You are now immersed in a dark room, full of dreams. Throw your dreams and watch them bounce around in zero gravity. You can also turn gravity on or off at will, leading to a more exciting scene. Each time a dream collides with something, it makes a sound.

Scene 3: Paint Ball

Open your eyes: You find yourself in a white room. Almost every object in this room is white, and placed before you is a new kind of paint. This new paint forms solid drops of color that you can throw to coat entire surfaces in the room. You can even paint the light shades or TV to change the ambient light in the scene.


You can see all of my Unity Source Code on my Github page. 


Please see my post on Medium for a detailed outline and post-mortem analysis. 


Throw 7zip 26 MB
Throw Zip 35 MB

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